The Coolest Fashion People to Follow in Every Age Group

In the constantly growing landscape of fashion influencers, it's an unfortunate fact that the younger crowd significantly outnumbers ladies of a certain age. But just because there are certainly more of them, that doesn't make them any more relevant or valuable than their more mature counterparts. Fashion is universal, after all.

The segment of Instagram influencers and bloggers in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond may be small, but it's mighty. We aim to enlighten you, dear reader, about the ladies of all ages who are crushing it in the fashion game at the moment —from the 25-year-old whippersnappers to the 65-year-olds who've been at it for a good while longer. Prepare to be majorly inspired by all the women showing off their unique (and, frankly, fun) looks. Keep scrolling to meet the best fashion Insta stars of every age group.


Influencer and fashion market writer at Refinery 29, Alyssa Coscarelli has the most refreshingly unique feed—where she shows her love of vintage and retro pieces alongside all the current trends and brands.

Atlantic Pacific

Atlantic-Pacific was created by Blair Eadie who is recognized in the industry as a true fashion influencer. She started in the industry as a merchandiser for Gap Inc and then left to build her own successful fashion platform.

Blair has been shaping street style fashion since 2010 in a unique way. She has managed to work with all sorts of internationally recognized brands like Sephora, Gucci, CoverGirl, Target, Nordstorm, and plenty of others. Her keen fashion sense has led to collaborations with global campaigns with Elle, Vogue, Refinery 29, Harper’s Bazaar, and many more.

Her website is a visual platform where you can see all sorts of eye-catching colors, patterns, and trends for yourself. She discusses many different topics on her website which can help you such as color combinations, summer trends, shopping hauls, patterns, and much more!

2. Chronicles of Her

Chronicles of Her was launched by Carmen Hilton, an Australian style expert, in 2011. The platform is designed to be a daily pit stop for everything related to real lifestyle choices. A professional team of fashion experts and Carmen curate the blog in such a way that women all over the world can get great content with even better visuals.
3. The DaileighThe Daileigh website for fashion.

The Daileigh was launched by Ashleigh Hutchinson who wanted to help her rea\
ers to create the perfect closet. Her website is designed for women aged 20-70 who want a style they can fall in love with. Ashleigh has also written plenty of eBooks on fashion, as well as posted several blog posts and fashion photography on her website. You can even join in on her webinar which is designed to help people improve their fashion sense.

The Daileigh has many ‘How to’ articles which are often very specific and helpful for different members of the audiences. For example, she has three different articles on how to wear shorts when you are 40, 50, and 60 respectively. There are plenty of other types of articles on building your wardrobe, seasonal trends, and styling.

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